Corporate Communications

From creating internal campaigns, to newsletters to employee’s handbooks, to annual reports we cover all aspects of corporate communications.

Annual Reports

We are experts in this area, creating annual reports for 10 companies, designing annual reports of all kinds. We are very confident that we would give you the best of services, as we know how an annual report is to be planned. From Photography to theme to designing we give you a smooth experience, because we know time is the essence to an annual report.

Our Work

Abbott Pakistan

Following their international theme, we have been creating the annual report for 3 years now. Our first annual report with them won the best annual report of the year in its category by ICAP.

Our Work

Attock Cement

Our association with them has been for one year. We hope they would be designing their next report with us as well. Their report is very clean-cut and carries the minimal approach in design.

Our Work

Century Insurance

With our long association with them, we have been designing their annual reports for the past two years, currently we are in the process of designing their 3rd report with us. Reflecting their supportive image, the reports are designed in an organized fashion.
Our Work

Century Paper

The client goes with a new theme every time, we are able to give them very effective designs each time. Their reports are usually filled with infographics giving a very interesting, yet reader friendly feel.

Our Work

Mehran Sugar

With the ups and downs in the sugar industry, these reports have been challenging to us, when it comes to conceptualizing a theme. However, we are glad the they are always satisfied with our work. We have been designing their reports for 3 years now.

Our Work

Pakistan Oxygen

We just connected with them, and have designed their first annual report with us. This is company’s 4th report since the name change from Linde. We are confident that they will be satisfied and entrust us with their next year’s report as well.

Our Work

Sanofi Pakistan

With our experience with several Pharma industry reports, we call ourselves experts in this category. We have been designing their reports for 3 years now, following a pattern that works for them.

Our Work

Searle Pakistan

Another one of our Pharma industry report, we have worked on their report for 2019. We are hopeful we will be working with them again for their new annual report, as well. Their report carries very interesting themes every year.

Our Work

IBL Health Care

Health care category is not very different from Pharma industry, in fact it has a few OTC medical products, but has a wide range of other products as well. Their report carries the theme around the range of their products.

Our Work

JS Bank

Our only financial industry client, we have been doing their report for 2 years now. Their reports give a very corporate look and feel. The designs are developed as per their corporate guidelines.