Corporate Communications

Serving excellence by building strong audience platform for corporate communications. Whether it is creating internal marketing campaigns or detailed annual reports. A healthy and a long-lasting relationship with our clients is all we care about. We are experts in this area, creating annual reports for 10 companies, designing annual reports of all kinds.

Annual Reports

 We are very confident that we would give you the best of services, as we know how an annual report is to be planned. From Photography to theme to designing we give you a smooth experience, because we know time is the essence to an annual report.

Our Work

Century Insurance

Century Insurance has worked with us for the past 4 years and is currently working with us for their third annual report. Their requirement for a supportive image in their annual reports followed by an out-of-the-box visual mindset is a challenge to overcome but our team is well-equipped for the job. 

Our Work

JS Bank

JS Bank is our first official financial industry client for whom we have been designing reports for the past 3 years. We work closely with their corporate communications team who lists down specific guidelines for us to follow after which we create a comprehensive report. 

Our Work

Pak Suzuki

Our latest annual report design is in the automobile industry. We have designed this report keeping in mind their history. We studied their previous reports and added a bit of new flair to their presentation.

Our Work

Gul Ahmed

We are honored that Gul Ahmed trusted us to design their annual report this year. The beautiful theme represents the company’s effort and resilience, making a different in the industry. Have a look at the report to see how a theme is carried from title to inside pages, representing the theme and the way the company carried out its operations.

Our Work

Abbott Pakistan

We have worked with their corporate and finance teams to create detailed annual reports for the last 4 years. Our work has greatly been appraised by the internal teams and the trust we have gained is our reward for providing consistency in reporting standards on par with international reports. 

Our Work

Century Paper

Century Paper requires a new theme every time they would like for us to design their annual report which is where we have to dive deeper into our creative well and ensure our client’s requirements are met. We love creating stunning designs for their covers and hope to carry the relationship forward. 

Our Work

Mehran Sugar

Mehran Sugar has been another client of ours who has maintained a relationship with us for the last 4 years. The challenge that comes with onboarding a client from the sugar industry is how much the financial situation of the country can vary however, we were still able to present them with an outstanding annual report. We accomplished this by conceptualizing a theme and structure by working closely with their corporate team and creating a good-looking, functional report. 

Our Work

Pakistan Oxygen

Pakistan Oxygen was recently added to our list of satisfied clients as we helped them create their 4th annual report after they changed their name from Linde. Our determination towards creating the best theme as per their requirements as well as the timely delivery of the report makes us hopeful that they will choose to start another project with us next year as well.
Our Work

Sanofi Pakistan

We are well-versed in the requirements of the pharma sector which is why our experience has helped us design their Annual Report for the last 4-years. We provide them with several suggestions for themes that will work for their industry and are proud to have such a satisfied client onboard. 

Our Work

Searle Pakistan

Being another pharma sector company, Searle Pakistan had their 2019 Annual Report designed by us and we are hopeful that they will choose us again in the near future. 

Our Work

IBL Health Care

IBL Health Care’s heavy focus on its products is the reason why we have to design their Annual Report themes accordingly. Both Pharma and Health care categories follow a similar pattern for their reports which is where our immense experience comes in handy. 

Our Work

Attock Cement

We worked with Attock Cement for a year and fulfilled their requirement of a minimal design incorporated with the reporting structure and metrics. We hope to assist them in further future projects. 

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