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Lucky Foods

By creating their entire persona and managing social media platforms, we at Infini have gained the experience to handle our client’s complete marketing strategy and win their trust.

The Challenge

While creating an entire brand’s online presence can seem like a daunting task, our teams approached the challenge with consistent effort and an out-of-the-box approach. The brand had to deviate from their parent company’s persona (Lucky Cement) and create something new while making sure the name ‘Lucky’ remained. 

Packaging Brilliance

With a stroke of pure genius, we created an effective packaging strategy for their milk, flavored milk, and Laban products. While the brand may be new in the market, the mascot has already garnered the attention of a large market audience. We aimed to create a personality through the mascot to have the best chance at getting a top-of-mind share. 

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Have a look at the work we do for the Sydney based real estate company for their social media pages.

Corporate communications is one of our specialized area, have a look at our annual report designs for Abbott Pakistan.

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